The Purpose of Life is deceptively simple…

Most struggle to answer the question what is the purpose of our life. The answer is actually simple – it’s to actualise ourselves. Fully. That is it. Deceptively simple. Our work with capability and that of the writings of many others, substantiate the view we are all born with a desire to fulfill our highest potential. Some call it a Sacred Contract, but lets leave that alone.

In order to do fulfill this simple directive, we have to consciously develop our WILL (to fulfill it). This is important. When we are off track, usually because of fear, disadvantage or ‘comfort’, we become out of sorts, restless, disappointed (Out of flow).

Actualizing (finding, staying in flow) requires dedication, commitment, determination, mindfulness and taking risk. Its being called to do what intuitively beckons us. That means action words of risking, loving, serving, growing, challenging, forgiving, blessing, caring, experimenting…….

The stronger you are, the more determined you are to follow your path, the better your quality of decisions become in the big picture. Don’t sweat the failures. Its part of the journey, a wonderful emergent journey, revealing itself through intuitions, hunches, opportunities, grace, synchronicity. If we consistently block these markers we lose direction, become stuck – unhappy/ frustrated/out of flow.

We develop our inner strength by having the WILL to consistently seek growth and actualisation of our highest potential. By doing this consistently, we become empowered. Some become ‘enlightened’ Follow your purpose. Live Life.

Wondering about next step ? Strengthen your WILL to actualise. Support someone else to do the same.