About Andrew

Andrew has done many things in his Working Journey.  Some he has enjoyed and been in flow, others not.  He has been an archealogoist, an office in the Navy and Marine Corp, a corporate exec and an enterpenreur.  He has had a software company, a multi national consultancy and owned a commerical art gallery.

He has been the Managing Partner of The Working Journey since 2001. He has consulted with and advised many well-known public and private leaders. In 2003 Andrew published his first book “The Working Journey” and in 2013, a second book Organisational Design – What your University Forgot to Teach You.

Andrew is an ambassador for the Global Ecovillage Network and a member of the leadership circle for GEN Australia. He has a strong interest in entrepreneurship, sustainability and the need for educating on sustainability.  He is a pioneer member of Narara Ecovillage in NSW.