Local Governments and Communities need to take a bigger role in the future

A HUGE shift is coming in society – like that of the Industrial Age. I did a public talk recently and spoke about coming job losses as technology wreaks havoc on industries (while governments desperately seek job creation). In the Australian this week was an article on expected industry job losses through technology. Grim reading. Elon Musk is right, do we want the future we are creating? In my talk I asked how will local governments create conditions for prosperity in their communities when employment and meaning (‘flow’) from work dries up? Certainly not from the old economic model. Yesterday, The Australian (pg 2), Ken Henry starts to hit the right notes with article "Locals urged to DIY big projects" – right next to article of keen youngsters wanting apprenticeship, but there are NO jobs. We need to recognise there are NO answers coming out of the broken, squabbling political system, here and globally. Local Communities need to reinvent and reinvigorate themselves!! There is much work to do – a huge transition is coming.

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